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The ecological commitment of the campsite near Lourdes

Ecological camping in the Hautes-Pyrénées

Respect for nature, and therefore for Mother Earth, is very important to us, and that’s what we want to pass on. That’s why we also practiceeco-pasturing: needless to say, our animals are delighted, especially our ponies who are masters in the art.

The chickens are proud too, because they’re still the best composter (even though we’ve made you a composting station) and they thank us with excellent eggs… Come and ask us, and we’ll be happy to take you to meet and feed these adorable companions, who have become the stars of our campsite!

a space for gentleness and respect for the environment

The mini-farm will delight your children

Our ecological campsite invites you to discover a gentle, environmentally-friendly space: our mini-farm. Here, young and old are invited to share unique moments with our animals in a setting where eco-responsible commitments are our priority.

Why a mini-farm? For the enjoyment of all, young and old alike.

And to take in abused or retired animals.

On request at reception, Jean will open the doors of this little paradise populated by chickens, ponies, rabbits, goats, sheep and our mascot duck: Paulin.

Especially in spring, our duck Paulin visits residents every evening at aperitif time, moving from bowl to bowl and creating moments of conviviality and shared smiles.

The mini-farm becomes a place of exchange and learning, where the values of our ecologically committed campsite are transmitted with joy and simplicity.

in favor of the environment

Our actions in favor of the environment

Nestled on the edge of a peaceful lake near Lourdes in the Hautes-Pyrénées, our eco-friendly campsite is more than just a holiday destination.

It’s a space where every detail is designed to minimize our impact on the environment and maximize your well-being.

Rainwater harvesting, for example, allows us not only to reduce our use of drinking water, but also to maintain the lush beauty of our green spaces without drawing on local natural resources.

Our composting station, fed by the snack bar’s food scraps and campers’ organic waste, produces rich compost that nourishes our soil and supports the campsite’s biodiversity.

Lighting is also designed to be eco-responsible: LED bulbs, which consume less energy, illuminate our common areas, while solar-powered spotlights in all our walkways and motion sensors in the communal washrooms ensure optimum use of energy, switching on only when they detect a presence.


Eco-pasturing by our sheep and ponies, and composting by our chickens, are perfect examples of our ecological loop philosophy, where every element of the campsite contributes to a sustainable and harmonious system.

Each initiative, explained in detail on our billboards, is a living testimony to our eco-responsible commitments, inviting you to stay in a place where respect for nature is at the heart of every action.

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